Generac 24kw with Wi-Fi and 200A SE ATS w/Load Shed

Model Number: 
Transfer Switch: 

200 Amp Service Entrance Rated ATS

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Circuits Protected: 

Protects a whole existing 200 amp main electrical panel

Coverage Option: 
Managed Whole House, Complete Whole House

System Outputs

24,000 Watts (LP) 21,000 Watts (NG), 240/120 volt single phase, 100 Amp 2P circuit breaker


GENERAC G-Force 1000 Series 2 cylinder 999 cc

How Does it Work

How Does it All Work load center jpeg. Image of a generator brochure

Installation Process

Our crew normally loads your generator and all related materials into a specially equipped installation vehicle early in the morning and arrives at your location at about 8 AM. Upon arrival, our Lead Technician will go through the entire installation, to make sure no details are left out.

The generator is then unloaded and carefully positioned on top of a leveled crushed gravel base (or pre-cast concrete pad if chosen). The natural gas connection will be made either from the inside of the home, or it will come directly from the gas meter, as specified by your actual proposal installation details. The steel gas pipe is sized according to the fuel volume requirements of your generator and is sealed at all connection points and painted to help prevent corrosion.

Inside, the Automatic Transfer Switch / Load Center is installed next to the existing main circuit breaker panel. The selected circuits are then relocated into the new Load Center, and both panels are re-labeled. The control wiring and power lines coming from the generator are then installed into the Transfer Switch, and all wiring and piping is completed to finalize the installation.

To complete the exterior installation, a ground rod is installed. The generator is equipped with a battery, and all fluids are checked, fuses installed, and connections are double-checked.

Once complete, the entire system is tested and the Serial #, Model #, Date of Installation, and all related startup information is cataloged. The system is now completely operational, and the exercise time is set so that the generator runs itself once a week for approximately 12 minutes to routinely check itself and keep all mechanical components lubricated and functioning well.

The generator manuals, keys, and related paperwork are given to the customer, and the system is explained and any last details are gone over.

Optional Items

GenX Optional Items flyer. Image of a flyer showcasing optional items and services offered by GenX when generator installation is purchased.


Years one and two – Limited comprehensive coverage on mileage, labor, and parts.
Year three – Limited comprehensive on parts.
Years four and five – Limited comprehensive coverage on the engine (short block) and alternator (rotor and stator) parts only.

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Extended 5,7 or 10-year warranties available.  See Optional Items for pricing

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